We are a family run consulting business. Our directors have over 50 years of blue chip international experience between them.

When setting up Chiswick Consulting back in 2001, our aim was to provide top quality consulting resource at a fraction of the cost charged by top tier consulting firms. We don’t have expensive offices or overheads. We prefer to focus on your issues and have therefore kept our business small and built a network of experts to help us deliver the best results.

Our work is driven by our clients so we are flexible and pragmatic in everything we do. We do not waste time writing reports, but do things, quickly and efficiently with a clear return on investment.

We work with a network of people and firms that provide expertise in their area.  That means that we can deliver clients the resource required without carry huge overheads that have to be utilised.

When we started the business we were based in Chiswick, we now live in Teddington but are loathe to change the name. Who knows, maybe one day we will end up back in Chiswick.