Business Tools


Two tree trunks with yellow foliage in backgroundThe Chartered Institute of Marketing

The Marketing Society

Gary Bencivenga’s Marketing Bullets – amazing content from one of the best copywriters alive.

John Carlton – another great copywriter

How to make direct marketing work for your firm – a practical guide for law firms about marketing in general and on-line and direct marketing in particular.  Written by Drayton Bird, with contributions from Crispin White.

Productivity and Efficiency

Steven Covey – Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

David Allen – Getting Things Done. A well known book and a youtube video introduction

Francesco Cirillo – The Pomodoro Technique

Merlin Mann, 43 Folders, presenting at Google.

Information Databases

BoardEx – board level networking.

OneSource – very intuitive front end

Hoovers – good profiles

LexisNexis – the best legal information and a great news database.

Virtual meetings and webinar software – free, good – pro version allows voice. For quick demos and tech support it works very well

GoToMeeting – good

GotoWebinar – not used

Webex – used a lot, very stable, expensive, slightly confusing admin function

Email Technologies

Interspire – I use this the most as it is the most cost effective when hosted on your own servers – the rest charge by the number of emails sent or held.  Also when hosting yourself you do not have the same opt-in requirements that restrict use of lists when using other providers

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Constant Contact:








Other Useful Tools

Gobbledygook Grader – This is a quick way of checking for jargon. Quite useful.

Google Alerts:



Weather – BBC weather has an animated satelite feature which is good

World Clock Meeting Planner – useful for global conference calls

Royal Enfield Motorbikes – just because.