Case Studies

Finding the Next CEO

As a result, quality of recruitment decisions increased leading to lower turnover, shorter vacancy periods, and more highly motivated recruits.

Chief Executives often find it difficult to choose the individual who will one day succeed them. Delays in decision making can result in in-fighting, time wasting and political positioning amongst the top team. We worked with the Managing Director of Safeways (Australasia) to assess each member of his team.

As a result of this work, the MD made an informed decision about who was to succeed him. This decision had unilateral support and backing from his top team because it was objective and based in reality. The choice was not the obvious one (or indeed the original choice of the MD) and resulted in a change of style and direction which benefited the entire business.

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Helping Ease the Pain of Redundancy

Many large organisations lack clarity about the capability of their staff and their ability to deliver to their objectives. Our client, a non departmental public body, was undergoing a large scale reorganisation from top to bottom involving new roles, new structures and a change in focus.

The competency framework that we developed with the client provided the basis for assessment of all roles in the organisation. Using this framework meant the assessment was undertaken in a professional, consistent and fair manner using criteria based on the future organisational model.

This work is ongoing but the resulting organisation will be leaner with individuals better matched to their roles and better able to deliver to their objectives.

Improving Recruitment and Selection

After a recent reorganisation, the HR function of this regulatory authority was now required to undertake recruitment and selection, previously the domain of an in-house specialist.

Complexity of employment law and a tight local employment market made it imperative that recruitment and selection practices reflected industry best practice and that everyone across the organisation, including HR staff, had the necessary skills to make effective recruitment decisions. We worked with the organisation to identify key gaps in recruitment and selection procedures and trained HR Business Partners and line managers in structured interviewing techniques.


The Police Federation of England and Wales

Pam worked with us as an interim manager for several months in 2008, to cover a managerial vacancy with responsibility for 4 staff.

The main objectives were to provide some stability during this unsettled period and help introduce structured processes and cohesion to the team in general, all of which were met in full.

Pam inherited some sensitive staffing issues, which she dealt with very well, utilizing her own expertise in these areas. Throughout her time with us Pam was able to develop effective working relationships with her team, other managers and key stakeholders. Her commercial and objective approach enabled her to draw up clear protocols which provide more consistency and structure to historically informal practices.

Samantha Corner
HR Manager
The Police Federation of England and Wales

Babcock & Brown

Chiswick Consulting provided flexible and professional support to the implementation of our performance management process in Europe.

They delivered high quality training to a demanding participant group and added additional value by making improvements to the content throughout.

Neil Cockroft
Global Head of Learning and Development
Babcock and Brown

Ergon Consulting

Pam helped me on a project at Xerox Global Services to create a capability (skills and behaviour) to support operational excellence for their outsourcing people transfer. The project was a great success and the framework has been deployed across all XGS Europe.

Pam was instrumental in establishing the project approach and behavioural capability framework. I would have no problem recommending Pam or working with her again.

Peter O’Donnell
Managing Director
Ergon Consulting