Our training courses

  • can be tailored to your need
  • are interactive, evidence and exercise based
  • and can be run at your client site.


Strengths Based Leadership

Individuals who understand and make best use of their strengths are engaged at work, more

productive and deliver better customer service. During this one day course individuals gain an

understanding of their own strengths and an awareness of how to harness them to be a better

leader; an understanding of what happens when strengths are overplayed; and how to spot

strengths in others to motivate and engage them.


Strengths Based Recruitment

Strengths based recruitment is on the rise. Organisations such as Nestle, EY, Microsoft, Legal and

General and Aviva all use some form of strengths based recruitment. This one day course is aimed at

any individual who wants to ensure they get the best talent for their organisation each and every

time. It includes role profiling, interview preparation and onboarding using strengths.


PERMA at Work

Individuals with high levels of well being are typically better engaged at work, have more productive

relationships and absent far less often. Based on Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of human

flourishing, this one day interactive workshop gets you to experience each and every aspect of the

model whilst taking time to understand and plan how to build PERMA in your own organisation. As a

result you will be helping to build a flourishing climate at work.


“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night’s sessions. I had zero energy when it started and felt elevated by the end! I feel I have learnt about some skills and techniques that I can use positively at work and life in general.”

Paul Jarvis, DHL

Making Mindfulness Work

Mindfulness promises much: better concentration, lower levels of stress, higher levels of wellbeing.

But is mindfulness always the answer for everyone’s ills? This one day course provides an

introduction to some easy to learn mindfulness habits as well as a number of alternative techniques

for those who find even these ‘easy’ techniques too challenging!



A quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation, particularly the several “tips” that you shared with us. I certainly intend to work on the “savouring”……as from today! Thanks again and all the very best.

Sylvestre Radegonde, DHL

Positive Performance Feedback

This is a half day skill based course based largely on our very own approach to performance

management. Drawing on the latest in neuroscience and positive psychology, this course transforms

the way you look for and deliver feedback. No longer will feedback feel painful and cringeworthy.

Using these techniques you will energise, motivate and build confidence in your team and most

importantly, help them deliver results.


Chiswick Consulting delivered high quality training to a demanding participant group and added additional value by making improvements to the content throughout.

Neil Cockroft, Babcock & Brown