A deliberate hiring strategy is critical to growth

Undertaking a deliberate hiring strategy is one of the three crucial aspects to growing a business according to this Kellogg University insight.

In the article the author makes the point that “Entrepreneurs tend to come from marketing, product development, engineering, sales, or finance. Not many former human resources leaders are running new businesses.” For this reason many companies in a critical stage of development post start up, lack capable, strategic HR support. This may be particularly true of family firms which often lack skills that other companies take for granted.The preponderance of family firms in the UK economy and their poor management, has been cited as a factor in the UK’s poor productivity.  Interestingly, in Germany, where family owned firms are more likely to bring in external expertise, this is less of an issue.

Working with an experienced and qualified (British Psychological Society trained and accredited) HR consultant can ensure a solid hiring strategy is in place:

  1. Establish hiring criteria – job profile/competencies
  2. Determine appropriate hiring processes – is the role likely to attract large volumes and therefore some form of online screening may be necessary. Or should you use a more targeted approach (eg a headhunter)?
  3. Design hiring process including timelines, projected costs
  4. Train management in assessment techniques
  5. Undertake assessment process and make decision
  6. Review effectiveness of process and on-board new hire