A New You….

Are you struggling with focus? Do you feel yourself drifting? Have you lost your mojo? Do you want to do something different/new/exciting with your career but can’t work out what this is? If so, then this is the workshop for you. Let our qualified career coaches and experienced facilitators guide you through a series of … Continued

A leadership model based in the real world?

There are dozens of leadership models developed and published every year. As an assessor I have worked with a fair share of them. My work involves taking a leadership model, identifying criteria and then designing an appropriate assessment process based on that criteria.   No more than 4 criteria   One key thing I’ve learnt … Continued

Flow at work: how to help it along

Flow is a state of consciousness where people become totally immersed in an activity and enjoy it intensely. It can occur in a range of different activities: a musician who is challenging herself with a particularly difficult but rewarding piece; a marathon runner running at a pace never achieved before; a gamer competing at a … Continued

How to build hope and find a fantastic future me

There exists an often ignored psychological construct that, when boosted, can add a full day of productivity over a 7 day work week, a 10% increase in well being and can also improve a young adult’s performance in school and university by a full grade. It can even lead to a decrease in cardio vascular … Continued

What is having a purpose?

Victor Frankl, via his book Man’s Search for Meaning, wrote about how important it is in living a good life to have a purpose. When we have a purpose we can weather any storm and look back over our life and know our life mattered. It helps answer the question: why are we here? Purpose … Continued

Don’t bother with outcomes

If you’re struggling to stick at that exercise regime, then maybe, just maybe, you are setting the wrong type of goal. An academic research study (Wilson & Brookfield, 2009) utilised a goal setting intervention to examine the impact on motivation and adherance to a 6 week exercise programme. Process goals versus outcome goals Sixty recreational … Continued

Measure emotions to understand engagement

There is quite alot of discussion about the importance or otherwise of employee engagement to productivity and performance of individuals at work. There is correlational data which suggests organisations with high levels of engagement (however that is defined and measured) have higher levels of productivity, discretionary effort or job satisfaction. There is much less data … Continued

Some of the best stress techniques

Despite us spending on average 25% less time at work compared with 50 years ago, two thirds of us feel overwhelmed. Something’s obviously going wrong and why is it we feel so very stressed as a result? Is it because we are catastrophising daily events into highly stressful situations (very possibly).  Or is it because … Continued

To coach or not to coach

Coaching, be it personal, life, executive or transformational, seems to be the panacea to cure all ills. According to the 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study undertaken by PWC the annual revenue worldwide of the coaching industry now amounts to over $2.3 bn annually.  This, of course, does not take into account the amount of time … Continued

International positive education network – first conference

I attended the Ultimate Wellbeing and Mental Health in Education Conference in London May 5 2017. It was organised by the IPEN network (www.ipen-network.com) and chaired by its’ President, Sir Anthony Seldon. The speaker line up included such luminaries as the founder of Positive Psychology, Dr Martin Seligman, Prof Lord Richard Layard, David Halpern, Chief … Continued