What is having a purpose?

Victor Frankl, via his book Man’s Search for Meaning, wrote about how important it is in living a good life to have a purpose. When we have a purpose we can weather any storm and look back over our life and know our life mattered. It helps answer the question: why are we here? Purpose … Continued

Some of the best stress techniques

Despite us spending on average 25% less time at work compared with 50 years ago, two thirds of us feel overwhelmed. Something’s obviously going wrong and why is it we feel so very stressed as a result? Is it because we are catastrophising daily events into highly stressful situations (very possibly).  Or is it because … Continued

To coach or not to coach

Coaching, be it personal, life, executive or transformational, seems to be the panacea to cure all ills. According to the 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study undertaken by PWC the annual revenue worldwide of the coaching industry now amounts to over $2.3 bn annually.  This, of course, does not take into account the amount of time … Continued

Say thanks, it makes you feel better

65% of workers report that in the past 12 months they received no recognition for good work during the prior year (Gallup). Appreciation can be used strategically by supervisors to boost employee morale. Appreciating the best qualities in those with whom we work can help give them a boost, motivating them to persevere even when … Continued

Play to your strengths to create a meaningful life

I love this article by Bridget-Grenville-Cleave which appeared in Positive Psychology news. It so neatly highlights not only the importance of playing to our strengths, but by doing so, it is possible to create a meaningful life.   —-   Earlier this month I got together with several of my colleagues to share ideas about … Continued

Don’t search for meaning, otherwise you’ll never find it

Most recently, the term ‘meaning’ has entered the business lexicon. So much so that McKinsey have developed a ‘meaning quotient’ to measure the level of meaning within an organisation. ‘Meaning’ and finding meaning in one’s work has become the new holy grail, the next big thing beyond employee engagement. And yet an interesting article by … Continued

The hedonic treadmill

After another fascinating weekend at UEL learning about positive psychology applications – in the workplace, school and community – we have learnt how important it is to have a varied and engaging series of interventions to have real impact. This is because of the hedonic treadmill – people get ‘used to’ undertaking gratitude diaries, or … Continued