How to be your best possible self

I am embarking on a 3 day writing exercise to boost my levels of joy.

The Best Possible Self (BPS) exercise is one originally used by Pennebaker to help trauma victims get over the trauma by writing about their experience.The writing acts as a therapeutic means of getting closure and it seems to work. The BPS has since been hijacked by the positive psychology community and turned on its’ head so that we now write 15 mintues, uninterrupted ‘brain dump’ on our perfect future (maybe 3 to 5 years out).  This morning I had three brainwaves during the first day of writing. One of them was writing this blog and by doing so hope to prolong the positive feelings experienced through writing. It also means I am introducing others to this fantastic, short and very efficient exercise. What other exercise that you know of produces 3 ideas worth exploring after 15 mintues?
And there’s more to come: this is only day one.