Play to strengths to increase engagement

Many organisations struggle to increase their employee engagement levels. Chances are many initiatives undertaken by these organisations are organisation wide and process driven.  A different ‘give back’ initiative, a new cutomer service incentive scheme or even better food/desks/chairs/gym membership.

Whilst we should not ignore the importance of such initiatives, I worry they lack the personal touch which gets to the heart of why people are at work and what is meaningful for them.

Two of the most important predictors of employee retention and satisfaction are when employees are able to use their  top strengths at work and when their direct line manager recognises those strengths.

Spotting strengths, exploring strengths and applying them (S-E-A) in new and different ways positively impacts how individuals feel about themselves and their work.

There is a strong connection between well being and the use of strengths. Deploying our strengths at work is linked to greater work satisfaction, greater well-being and higher meaning in life. And when that happens, we feel more engaged, more motivated and more confident. When others recognise our strengths our self esteem is improved – others can see we have something useful to offer and that makes us feel good, about ourselves and our colleagues.

Spotting strengths in ourselves and in others is a relatively easy exercise. There are a number of different strengths tools – Strengthsfinder, CAPP’s Realise2, or VIA Character – that can be used as a starting point.

Practice it now:

Think about you at your best. What strengths were you demonstrating? How can you apply these in a new way, every day this week. Use this to track your strengths and notice the difference. Tracking your strengths

When it works for you and only then help others to spot their strengths.  In that way you will demonstrate authenticity.