Reframing performance management

We are well aware of the dissatisfaction with performance management in many organisations. In fact as many as 86% of organisations have either recently changed or are about to change their performance management processes – some quite radically (Deloitte, 2014). One of the major criticisms is a manager’s ability to handle critical or negative feedback and there is a close correlation between an employee’s dissatisfaction with performance management and their manager’s capability (Gallup, 2013).

Equipping managers therefore is a critical component to getting any performance management system up and running effectively. Regardless of whether you have recently redesigned your performance management process or not, the right manager attitude and skill is key.

MindGym have identified six conditions to increase purpose and engagement which help drive up performance. Reframing performance management away from negative or critical feedback to helping create these conditions might just help managers move away from the mechanics of goal setting and feedback to think about performance more holistically.

purpose responsibility chart