We apply positive psychology research and principles to our work with clients.

Anyone who watched the BBC Programme “The Choir – Sing While You Work“, can’t help but be touched by the positive impact singing had on choir members, colleagues, family and friends. We believe all aspects of work have the potential to engage and positively impact people in this way.

fMRI scanning by Prof. Richard Boyatzis of Cape Western shows that the emotional and decision making part of the brain cannot work at the same time as the rational (how and what?) part of the brain.  This has implications for marketing, behavioural economics, people development and much more.


Chiswick Consulting

Chiswick Consulting is in the business of helping companies grow through one of two ways:

  1. empowering people and processes  (Pam Kennett)
  1. innovative marketing strategies and sales campaigns (Crispin White)

In all areas of our work we provide professional, creative and client focused solutions, grounded in common sense, owned and implemented by you.

Our clients say our style is personable, and we are able to ‘build immediate rapport and trust’ whilst ‘making a real impact’.

We work across a range of industries and often within professional service companies who need answers to some of these questions:

  • how can we build a more resilient and engaged workforce
  • how can we use strengths more effectively to leverage our talent
  • how can we make our performance management process work better
  • how can we write positive attractive copy that converts into sales
  • how can we position ourselves as a great brand which is attractive to clients, prospects and employees