What skills are businesses looking for in their prospective employees?

CBI and Pearson recently promoted some research into what businesses are looking for in school leavers and what needs to change in our current education system. Interesting to note that only 20% of all jobs require a graduate qualification.

Launching the research Rod Bristow, UK President of Pearson, said:

“The connection between education and the world of work is critically important. … Despite improvements in the past decade, employers want to see an even sharper focus on literacy and numeracy, beginning at primary school. Literacy and numeracy are the basic building blocks that help young people learn other subjects, get on in life and find rewarding work.

“But it’s not just about literacy and numeracy. Even the best-performing nations say the number one issue in education is to better equip school leavers with the broader skills needed for working life, and we are no exception. Employers still find that some young people lack the initiative, problem-solving and communication skills to succeed at work.”

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