Why are positive emotions important?

What role do emotions play with regards to employee engagement?

Experiencing positive emotions can raise well being, encourage creativity and broaden thinking. Experiencing negative emotions can lead to anti social behaviour, narrower thinking and negativity.

All emotions are part of day to day life but the balance and the context in which we experience them are critical. “The data say that when considering positive emotions, more is better. The data also say that when considering negative emotions, less is better, down to a point. Negativity can either promote healthy functioning or kill it, depending on its contextual appropriateness and dosage relative to positive emotions. ” Barbara Fredrickson, 2013

This raises a number of questions: what are organisations today doing to increase positive emotions and limit negative emotions? Are leaders aware of these concepts? And, if so, do they pay them any credence? How does how people feel, emotionally, impact employee engagement in an organisation?